About RODY Massage & Health

RODY Massage & Health Mission

We at Rody Massage & Health are committed to serving our community with fair prices and friendly service. Our mission also includes educating and promoting holistic care for a more healthy and responsible community.

We are dedicated to detecting and eliminating vertebral subluxation, thus allowing the body to work, without interference, at its peak physical, mental and social state of well being.

What insurance do we accept?

We will bill any insurance! However not all insurances cover Rody Massage & Health. It is patient responsibility to contact their insurance provider and verify their coverage. Here are a few of the most common insurances that do cover us.*

*This list is subject to change and varies by your plan. Please call us to help you navigate your own insurance needs at 253-535-6006.

**Regence Insurance for Massage is under Rody Services LLC

***Not Apple Healthy Options

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