Nutrition Consulting at RODY Health


$ 39.00

Discover how we roll. Walk away with new understanding and a few handouts to help start your health restoration journey. This amount will be subtracted from any of the 3 following options, should you decide to take advantage of our services.


$ 59.00

This service can be one of your best investments. We review your 7 day food journal, show you where there might be challenges to your well-being and make recommendations of what to choose instead. Food is truly our main tool. Food can be the problem and most certainly food can be the answer. We help you find the right ones and make suggestions that can change your world forever. This fee will serve for a six month time period where you have unlimited access to our recommendations, can ask questions, can inquire about specific food choices, and more…. All through email.


$ 89.00

This exam offers the client an opportunity to discover where the imbalances are and what food/substances can be disturb- ing well-being. You receive a full print out of findings and the non-invasive testing helps you walk away with a better under- standing of what your body may be dealing with. If within 8 weeks of your exam you would like to have a Comprehensive Exam, the cost would only be $100.00 more. Time sensitive. If after 8 weeks, the cost would be the normal Comprehensive Exam price.



Couple price: $299.00 ($79.00 savings, same day appt.)

Includes: 2 Office visits, Thorough Questionnaire, Functional Exam, Food Journal Review, Report of Findings & Recommendations. We work with each of our clients to find the foods, allergens, and toxins that are harming health and make recommendations for new menu’s that are simple, easy to do, and reasonable in costs. Something as simple as a menu can be the difference! Additionally, we recommend food concentrates that can assist in this transitionary process. The Functional Exam uses the body’s own electrical system, manually, to determine the body’s status with regard to nutrients, organ fatigue, stress levels, toxic tissue levels, allergens, and deficiencies. Organ status is assessed, toxicity is evaluated, deficiencies determined, allergens are arrested, and supplements are tested to find the ones that will bring the body into balance. Once the exam is complete, supplements & food recommendations are suggested.
~When organs and systems are supported, healing begins.~

FOLLOW-UP Office Visits

$ 49.00

Couple price: $75.00 ($23.00 savings, same day appt.)

We work with our clients on a need basis. Once a Comprehensive Exam is complete, we encourage several follow up visits, at a minimum, to monitor the progress being made and assist in the transitionary phase. Making changes to lifestyle and diet are challenging and we want to assure the best outcome by walking out this process together.

The average time for this process is 6 visits. Although each client is unique, we adjust the quantity of visits as the need presents. Of course, we remain available to help as each client has need in the future.

Whole Food Supplements are recommended. They are a separate charge, and vary in price

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