Nutrition Classes at RODY Health


Health is Fragile-Handle with Food!

Saturday, Oct. 21st, at 10am
Marlene’s Federal Way


All categories of our food are suppose to be present in our daily intake. Learn how to incorporate the wide variety of foods by choosing all the GOOD versions and leaving the processed, synthetic and denatured versions out of the menu. Samples offered; Email Notebook included.

Cookies, Muffins, and Bread

Saturday, Nov. 18th at 10am
Marlene’s Federal Way


Grains, Sweeteners, and Oils are basic and oh so important that they come from quality, properly handled sources. When ground fresh, ours heal. Come and out how to make quality baked goods that actually support health rather than take it away. on, and book offered.

KEEP WATCH for more classes in the new year as well as a guided Purification Program (February) that is safe for everyone and very effective.

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