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Escaping Sugar’s Grip

RODY Massage & Health Teaching Kitchen

10 am – noon

Is sugar your primary addiction? Do you feel powerless to stop consuming it? It is possible to reprogram your lifestyle and let sugar go – and it is a lot easier with a plan of action! Join Steve and Sherry of Common Sense Nutritional Therapy for guidance on how to lose inches, gain strength, enjoy greater mental clarity, and just feel better. This class has food demonstrations, samples and solid steps for “escaping sugar’s grip!”

Time to clean out toxins!!

RODY Massage & Health teaching kitchen

Join Sherry & Steve as they use the products and program from an 89 year old company that pre dates all the vitamin companies out there. With this tested, tried, and true Purification Program, built with nutrients from a nearly 100 year old certified organic farm, you can gently cleanse over a 21 day period with complete confidence.
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