Nutrition Classes at RODY Health

Email Whole Food Coaching

13 weeks of lessons sent via Email once a week. If you print the pages, you will build a full notebook of guidance and recipes for future reference. A onetime cost of $49

Permaculture Garden Presentation

This one hour class helps anyone who wants to learn the technique of rebuilding the soil, reducing the weed population, building water retention and giving your seeds an opportunity to grow nutrient rich foods that create what we call the “produce stand in your own back yard”! Simple visuals make it easy to take away the knowledge of HOW to plan and install your own INSTANT ALTERNATIVE PERMACULTURE VEGETABLE GARDEN $35/person; $60/couple. Handouts included.

Escaping Sugar’s Grip

90 minutes of very important information for your health and the health of all the people you care about! America’s number one health challenge is ‘SUGAR’ in all its processed forms. Learn how to read labels, find the villains, and rebuild your menu to feed your body with real food sweeteners! Notebook included, with recipes for healthy desserts. $20/person; $35/couple

Food Culturing Class

90 minutes of simple traditions revived! Many cultures before ours did not have the conveniences we have, yet their health and strength was much greater than ours. Returning to these traditions can help you thrive again, with energy and vitality you may not know you have lost. $35/person; $60/couple

Juicing, Blending & Dehydrating Class

Why not learn how to do all three and recover your health from having eaten processed foods, and edible food-like substances! This class will teach you how to use the appliances, keep it simple, and increase your energy stores. Samples enjoyed in class. Hands on learning. Recipes & Handouts included. $35/person; $60/couple

Health is Fragile-Handle with Food!

This is our signature class that lets you get acquainted with all the options your can participate in through our clinic. A full plate with samples is offered in the class, you get to see many of the foods you taste made right before you. Several video  trailers are also shown to help give the platform for our concerns. It is our hope to inform you of what has happened to our foods and what you can do about it to fight back and regain your health. $25/person; $40/couple.

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