Nutrition at RODY Health

Health is only enjoyed as long as you have it! This is why Rody Massage & Health has added Common Sense Nutritional Therapy to our offerings. Steve and Sherry Fry have tested methods and nutritional approaches that will add another dimension to maintaining your good health.

The Fry’s have pursued ways to bring natural alternatives for health and well being since 2007. Their goal is to assist people in making better food and lifestyle choices to regain health. Learn how to enhance your holistic care with nutritional support through one of their classes, or become a client and receive personal support as you recover from the unsuspected effects of today’s modern diet.

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Nutritional Response Testing

Your body has ways it can “talk” about what’s wrong with it. Every cell, tissue and organ in your body is part of an electrical communication system. That is why you can analyze your heart function with an EKG, or your brain function with an EEG.

In the same way, Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) uses your electrical communication system to see what’s interfering with your well-being. It’s an easy, non-invasive way to find your body’s stress points. Then you can give your body what it needs, and watch it heal itself.

Anything that interferes with the body’s normal electrical impulses can hinder your healing. Interferences can be:


You might not associate headaches, aches and pains or brain fog with toxins, but that’s what can happen. Toxins can be preservatives, chemicals, metals, microbes, and even scars.

When toxins showed up in our Nutritional Response Test for one client, we found out they had recently done some house painting. Whole food supplements helped the body flush out the toxins and two weeks later they were feeling good.

Food Sensitivities

When one client eliminated gluten from her diet, she got her energy back, lost four dress sizes, slept better and could think more clearly.

Nutritional Deficiencies

We hear a lot of people say: “I’m not sick, but I never feel really well.” One client had been in pain for 20 years, and no one could figure out why. During our Comprehensive Health Exam we found her diet did not include any fresh or raw food. She chose to make 50% of her meals properly prepared vegetables. In 7 weeks she was pain-free. She had been missing many of the nutrients her body needed to function normally.

“I have learned more about food and nutrition in the 2 months I have been going to see Sherry than I had learned in the 55+ years before. Sherry freely shares knowledge of nutrition and she patiently answered all of my questions… Her teachings and her common sense explanations about nutrition have caused me to change my life for the better!”
Jeanne B.

Monitoring and Adjusting Your Nutrition and Supplements

The body has natural cycles of:

  • Cleaning
  • Repairing

Nutritional Response Testing will monitor your cycles and adjust your nutrition accordingly.

For example, perhaps you have back pain associated with kidneys. Sometimes you may need to help the body flush the kidneys for a week. But the next week, it might be good to support the repair process, rather than the flushing process. So entirely different supplementation would help.

By closely monitoring the changes in your body, from week to week, you will get a great picture of exactly what’s taking place, and why you are feeling a certain way.

The whole point to Nutritional Response Testing is that when your cells are nourished, you feel:

  • “Alive!”
  • Energized
  • Rejuvenated

And things that ordinarily stress you have less effect.

Monitor Yourself for Six Weeks

We suggest you give yourself six weeks to jump start feeling well.

Week One

Take the Comprehensive Health Exam and find out the state of your nervous system, overall aging, possible deficiencies, toxins, or food sensitivities. Then begin feeding your body what it needs (we will give you recommendations).

Weeks Two – Six

Monitor what changes have taken place for you. It can sometimes take a couple months to remove chemicals or toxins, but in six sessions you will usually see and feel quite a difference.

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