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The Bible and Healthy Living

WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT HEALTHY LIVING This new class will be a 6-week series. Each class is 1 hour long, allowing for Q&A within the hour. Our start time is 7:30 and we will be holding the classes in the RODY Teaching Kitchen in the RODY Massage & Health building. The dates for this 6-class series are (Wednesdays): Sept 26 and Oct 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 The series will cost $40/person and the classes are very much intertwined, however if you desire to take only one class the cost per class is $10, if you should opt to…

Fall Fair Nutrition Classes

HEALTH IS FRAGILE~HANDLE WITH FOOD! Our Fall Fair classes will begin in September and we’ll be offering our signature class. Each date below we will be AT THE PUYALLUP FAIR in the teaching kitchen in the Pavilion, near the gold Gate, on the second floor where the quilts can be found. Our sessions will begin at 6pm. THESE CLASSES ARE FREE TO ALL FAIR-GOERS. We look forward to having you join us on one of these dates: September 1, 3, 8, 13, 17, 20, and 22

Upcoming Purification Class!

Time to clean out toxins!! January 25th at 7:30pm RODY Massage & Health test kitchen Join Sherry & Steve as they use the products and program from an 89 year old company that pre dates all the vitamin companies out there. With this tested, tried, and true Purification Program, built with nutrients from a nearly 100 year old certified organic farm, you can gently cleanse over a 21 day period with complete confidence. Actual 21 day program begins February 5th, 2018. $10/person Pre registration required Sign up and pre pay at RODY Massage & Health front desk.

Nutrition Classes Oct-Dec 2017

Juicing, Blending, and Dehydrating Tuesday, Oct. 10th at 7pm or Saturday, Oct. 14th at 10am RODY Massage & Health teaching kitchen $15/person Learn how to do all three to recover your health from having eaten processed foods, and edible food-like substances! This class will teach you how to use the appliances, keep it simple, and increase your energy stores. Samples enjoyed in class. Hands on learning. Go home with your own jar of cultured items, email notebook included. Health is Fragile-Handle with Food! Saturday, Oct. 21st, at 10am Marlene’s Federal Way $10/person All categories of our food are suppose to…

RODY Nutrition Fall 2017

Upcoming Classes at RODY Massage & Health Digestion 411 Tues, Sept 26 at 7pm Sat, Sept 30 at 10am $10 paid pre-registration $15 at the door RODY Massage & Health teaching kitchen What if the very mechanism needed to help you break down and absorb your food is not work- ing well and though you make quality food choices, your body still is mal-nourished and unable to heal because it can’t get “fed”. Come learn how to get your “internal kitchen crew” back on the job. Email Notebook included. Juicing, Blending & Dehydrating Tues, Oct. 10th at 7pm Sat, Oct.…

RODY Nutrition at the FAIR

Check out our upcoming classes offered at the FAIR in Puyallup, Washington. Weight Loss—Redefined! Sept 4, 2017 —4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm at the FAIR FREE Bring a friend and come join us in the Pavilion on the second floor, where the quilts are, in the teaching kitchen. Find out how your body is designed to save your life from many things. Learn how that surge of energy may be something very serious that your body is doing to regain balance, but it’s not “real” energy. These four presentations are the same material repeated and last about 40 minutes; and other…

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